How to Incorporate Essential Oils into your Yoga Practise


Inhaling essential oils triggers the brain to release helpful endorphins such as serotonin into the bloodstream. Essential oils can also contribute to reducing stress and anxiety, relieving pain from body aches and acts as an all-round mood booster. Similarly, yoga has the same effects along with a plethora of other benefits including improved heart health, strength, flexibility, relaxation and aiding towards a better night's sleep.

For an enhanced moment of relaxation, morning boost or whatever intention you choose to set for your day, why not try introducing essential oils into your daily yoga practice to boost your experience?

Essential Oil Balms

Rub our essential oil balms onto your pulse points (neck, temple and wrists). These areas of the body are where your arteries are closest to the skin, and where the warmth of your blood will absorb the scents into your skin and activate their healing properties. After taking a few deep breaths, try gently rubbing the balm onto your yoga mat. Although this wont slowly sink into your skin, you will still be able to inhale the subtle aromas during breath exercises and stretches to increase your relaxation and trigger an endorphin release. 

During your yoga practise, we recommend using balms such as DE-STRESS, blended with chamomile to promote calmness, and FOCUS, blended with rosemary to increase alertness and boost memory to compliment your routine. Whether your practice starts at home or at the studio, all of our balms come in a handy size to slip into your bag or pocket. Our 100% natural balms are also available in a handy travel tin, so you can enjoy all of our specially selected formulas wherever you are; on holiday, at home or at a yoga class.

Essential Oil Candles

Burning one of our essential oil aromatherapy candles will fill the room with a beautiful aroma, complimenting the space you’re in and transporting you from a busy day, all the way back to a grounding and calming ritual. We recommend using our ESCAPE range, with its blend of Oud, used in Eastern ritual practices to enhance clarity of mind, and HAPPY, blended with delightful grapefruit to lift your mood to immerse you in your morning yoga routine. Our aromatherapy candles also come in a handy travel size so you can take the newest addition to your yoga ritual with you, wherever you may go. 

Inhaling essential oils means absorbing the goodness and healing properties into your bloodstream via the limbic system in your brain. This, in turn, prompts a response from your body to release good chemicals that will encourage calming in your body. The combination of yoga and our range of aromatherapy Balms and Candles are a great stand-alone addition to a busy lifestyle. When choosing which unique blend to use, consider the following ingredients and fragrance notes to create a balance tailored to you and your needs…

  • Chamomile, to promote calmness
  • Neroli and Mandarin, to help soothe tension and promote feelings of wellbeing
  • Rosemary, to increase alertness and boost memory
  • Mint, to stimulate mental activity
  • Clary Sage, to aid in relieving mental fatigue and promoting mental clarity
  • Lemon Myrtle, to energise and refresh
  • Oud, to enhance clarity of mind
  • Sandalwood, to strengthen - beneficial for yoga practise 
  • Frankincense, to ground an balance

If you want to learn more about incorporating essential oils into the home, read more here

Which combination will you be incorporating into your yoga practise? Share your ritual or routine with us on our Instagram @iamscentered.

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