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Find your favorite blend with our Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Balm Tin

Your Daily Mantra

We exist to support and improve your wellbeing by encouraging you to take moments each day to Stop. Inhale. Reset.®

Stay Scentered

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Stay Scentered

Sustainability & Scentered

The Scentered team strives to be as sustainable as possible in everything we do. We look for the best ways to make products with the least possible impact on the environment; from the sourcing of ingredients through to the shape of packaging, taking the freight impact of raw materials all the way through to disposal.

About us

A 100% natural aromatherapy brand with a mission to help individuals feel and be more resilient when juggling daily life.

We have brought the proven science of aromatherapy into the modern world, to use the power of scent to change your mood.

A range of portable, multi-use aromatherapy balms that cuts through the complexities of essential oils to deliver a pre-blended, convenient, suitable for all, effective portable wellbeing solution.