The word “calm” often seems completely alien to our day to day life these days. As we’re ferrying kids to schools and activities, making sure the kitchen is fully stocked, taking care of the washing and the housework and oh, yes, the tiny matter of holding down a job… calmness is not something that sits well with these things.

We might think calmness is reserved only for that blissful Sunday morning when nobody needs to be anywhere and you can relax with the papers and a coffee - last seen a decade ago. But actually, if we can find a point of calm in our everyday life, our everyday life can become much more manageable. When we’re able to remain calm in the midst of a storm, that storm has less effect on us; we’re able to cope by remaining calm and clear headed. And then, at the end of the day, going to sleep becomes less of an issue; when we’re feeling calm and collected we are able to slip off to sleep without several hours’ fretting over the state of our to-do list.

It sounds like some magical, far away land but cultivating tiny moments of calm in our daily life can be as simple as stopping to take a deep breath from time to time. Before you snap, before you dive into the fracas, pause and take a deep breath. Remember your desire to be calm.