Breathing Technique to Relax at Anytime

Breathing Technique to Relax at Anytime

Let go of the stress, anxiety and pressure with our calming breathing technique that will relax you in no time wherever you are.

All you will need is your breath. 

By giving this a go you are jumpstarting the road to a life less stressed. It's most effective when you listen to your body and start to recognise the stress settling in both your mental and physical for example your shoulders getting tense, your neck feels strained, your blood pressure increase and your mind feels cluttered.

Your biggest asset in this technique will be your mindfulness, self-willing and controlled breath. Your body is a lot more cooperative when your brain is giving it moral support. Tell yourself you will be okay. 

To build a ritual, its good to combine this exercise with an aromatherapy balm that compliments what your body needs.

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and let us know how you got along, and if you need any more information on mindfulness have a look at our blog by our Ambassador David Kam on Mindfulness  

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