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‘I do’ - two tiny words that mean so much. By the time you get to make your vows, you will have already invested in months of planning and preparation and will well deserve the celebrations that follow your wedding! With the pressure on, try to be especially kind to yourself, remember to highlight the positives and share the love at this very special time. The Scentered aromatherapy balms and candles are a totally natural way to help you - and yours – confidently sail through the decision making a maze, address any wedding day butterflies and enjoy the celebrations!

 Made with therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals, chosen for their proven aromatherapy based wellbeing benefits and their fine fragrances, each of the six balms will help see you through to a heartfelt ‘I do’.

Therapy Balms


They not only fill the room with a gloriously natural fragrance but also aid mood change, restoring peace and calm, thanks to the skilfully custom blended natural waxes and pure essential oils. Each of the five candle aromas helps positively address a particular lifestyle challenge, just like Scentered’s portable aromatherapy balms. Love to promote harmony and relaxation, De-Stress to alleviate stress, Escape to boost motivation and creativity, Be Happy to help brighten the day and breathe in with renewed positivity and Sleep Well – to do just that! Brides-to-be can use these aroma candles to create a tranquil environment for their wedding preparations as well beautifully fragrancing the wedding venue on the day itself.


Do yourself a favour and take the drama out of gift giving. Scentered balms make great gifts for guests, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride and groom, friends and family. They’ll love you for it!

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