How does Scentered work? Why is it different to other aromatherapy products on the market?
Scentered works in two ways. Firstly, our products deliver the aroma-therapeutic benefits of a wide range of essential oils, directly into the bloodstream via topical application to pulse points or via the nasal olfactory route. Once inside our bodies, the constituent molecules journey to specific sites, effecting a variety of benefits on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Secondly, our products are mindfulness tools, to encourage us to stop every now and then, take a deep breath and bring ourselves into the present moment, enabling us to become more focussed, less stressed, more relaxed or happier, according to the particular need at that moment.
Our balms offer a uniquely portable, practical (ie. no leaking bottles or greasy oils on the skin), modern and beautiful way to incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy and mindfulness into your busy lifestyle, with therapeutic blends that combine the art of fine fragrance with the science of essential oil therapy.

What is Scentered’s main ethos?
We recognise that modern life can be hectic, stressful and demanding for many of us, so we want to promote a mindful and natural approach to restoring lifestyle balance, with the help of our products, wellbeing tips and support.
With the help of our Stop. Inhale. Reset. mantra at the heart of the brand, we encourage others to incorporate small steps of self-care into their daily routines, combining the power of the breath and aromatherapy to help us become more focussed, less stressed, more relaxed, or happier, as needed in any given moment.

How do I know which balm is right for me?
Sometimes it can be based on an obvious need state, such as Sleep Well in the case of sleep, and Focus for fatigue and mental clarity, but otherwise, it is a combination of what you need and what you like in a fragrance. If you are looking for stress relief, for example, both De-stress and Escape could be right for you, but they are two completely different fragrance profiles, so you would choose depending on whether you prefer the lighter citrus notes of De-stress or the richer, exotic notes of Escape

How many grams of essential oils are in each balm?
0.5g in all balms, except for Be Happy, which has 0.25g, due to the nature and safety profile of the essential oil blend.

How often should I apply the balm?
As often as needed, remembering that the act of stopping, breathing and resetting is just as important as the application of the balm. Only a small amount is needed each time, and 3-5 times per day could be a typical usage pattern, or just once per day in the case of someone who only uses the SLEEP WELL product.

How long until the balm has an effect?
This is dependent on the individual and the use of the ritual.  By consciously stopping and breathing you will feel an immediate calming and re balancing, but generally speaking, for most people, effects can be felt within 5 to 20 minutes of application.

How long do the balms scent the skin for?
This depends on the product and skin type. The heavier scents last longer than the lighter ones, so for example, Escape lasts longer than De-stress. As a general guide, they tend to last 1-3 hours on the skin. Many commercial fragrances contain artificial fixatives to prolong the life of the scent on the skin, so it is useful to be aware of this when comparing against a 100% natural fragrance.

When is the best time to apply the sleep balm? Immediately before bed or 30mins before?
We recommend applying 30 minutes before bed, to help relax the body and quieten the mind in preparation for a great night’s sleep. If you can create a bedtime routine that includes applying the balm, you will quickly establish a powerful scent association with sleep, which will reinforce the benefits for a longer term healthy sleeping habit.

Can you layer the balms? If so which balms are best paired together?
Our fragrances are complex in their composition, with up to 25 essential oils in each blend, so from a fragrance perspective, they have not been created with layering in mind. However, from a therapeutic perspective, it is possible that you might have a need for two different balms within a short space, which may result in a bit of overlap, which is fine. In this case, we suggest applying different balms to different locations.

How many grams of essential oils are in each candle?
Our travel candles contain between 8.5g and 10.2g of essential oils, our home candles contain between 22g and 26.4g. These are the maximum percentages to obtain the highest level of performance in terms of fragrance throw and candle burn.

How many hours should I burn the candles for?
For best results, we recommend a minimum of two hours, and maximum of four hours.

How quickly will the candles scent my room?
Within the average sized room, the scent will start to be noticed and enjoyed quickly, within around fifteen minutes.

I have a nut allergy are the products safe to use?
Manufactured on shared equipment. Contains tree nuts and may contain peanuts/other nuts.

What are the candle wicks made from?
100% cotton

What is the difference between paraffin wax and natural wax?
Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, coal or oil shale, and contains a number of potentially harmful carcinogenic compounds, such as Acetaldehyde, Acrolein, Benzene, Formaldehyde, Polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins, Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Toulene. It also gives off a black petro-soot, which is the same soot given out from the exhaust of a diesel engine, known to be harmful to human health, as well as staining surfaces close to the candle.
In line with our natural approach, we chose to avoid paraffin wax and choose natural, sustainably sourced plant based waxes, together with a small amount of beeswax, for our candles. These offer a clean, natural burn that is non-toxic and without soot or smoke.

We only use 100% natural ingredients to make our candles, so do not use any of the boosters, binders or other synthetic ingredients typically used within the candle manufacturing industry, and of course no synthetic ingredients within our fragrances.

Is Scentered’s packaging recyclable?
Yes. All parts of the balm and candle packaging are recyclable.

Are Scentered products or any of their ingredients tested on animals?
Absolutely not. We also ensure that the ingredients used to create our products have not been tested on animals either. Thankfully, there has been an EU ban on the sale of cosmetics (and their ingredients) tested on animals since March 2013.

Does Scentered use preservatives?
We use natural preservatives where necessary, to ensure our products stay in optimum condition throughout their shelf life and to protect against contamination from microorganisms during storage and continued use. We use tocopherol, a natural vitamin E compound with anti-oxidant properties, for this purpose within our balms.

Are Scentered products 100% natural?
Yes. All of our ingredients are naturally derived.

Are Scentered products vegan friendly?
No. We use a very small amount of beeswax within our balm and candle formulations.

Is Scentered certified organic?
No. As an aromatherapy and fragrance brand, we felt restricted by the availability of only certain essential oils with organic certification, so decided to choose our ingredients based on overall quality, performance and provenance instead.

Can I get an allergic reaction from Scentered products?
Our products contain essential oils, which contain natural allergens, so yes, there is the potential for an allergic reaction. Please read the product information to see the list of possible allergens.

Can I use Scentered products during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
We do not recommend use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can children use Scentered products?
Yes, although we do not recommend using the balms on children under 3 years, due to the concentrated level of essential oils. We would recommend using under adult supervision on children over 3 years, up to the time they are considered responsible enough to apply sensibly themselves. We obviously do not recommend the candles for use by children.

Do Scentered products contain alcohol?

What is Scentered’s approach to sustainability?
Sustainability is very important to us, and is carefully considered at every step of our supply chain and within our everyday operations and way of living.

What is the difference between an artificial fragrance and natural fragrance?
Natural fragrances are created using only natural ingredients, such as essential oils and other botanical derivatives. Artificial fragrances can contain a very high percentage of synthetic ingredients, largely derived from petrochemicals, many of which are known to be harmful to human health, such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes and phthalates.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to know what you are getting when you use a synthetic fragrance, as the ingredients list does not usually show a breakdown of the fragrance ingredients. (The law protects the intellectual property of fragrance houses, who are not obliged to share details of their formulations).

Are the essential oils in the fragrance listed in parfum on the ingredients list?
Yes, due to the high number of essential oils within each blend, and lack of space on our packaging, we were unable to list each oil individually. However, there is more detailed information about the individual oils within the fragrance notes and essential oil benefits sections of our website and product packaging.

I am wheat intolerant can I use the products?
Our products contain no wheat based ingredients.