Quick And Easy 2 Minute Mental Reset Ritual

mental reset

I think it’s fair to say that life is lived at such a fast pace nowadays. We’re all eager to pack in as much as possible, the fear of missing out, always niggling at the back of our subconscious. We move from one thing to another, swerving and changing direction several times a day. All this requires the ability to be able to change mindset regularly and quickly. It's thoroughly exhausting, stress levels are through the roof and our mental health is suffering as a result.

Inherently, we know that brain overload isn’t good for us. Yes, we should absolutely slow down. And if we did things more mindfully, then we’d feel more relaxed and healthier for sure. Happiness doesn’t come from having a full diary nor does it emanate from ticking off a to-do list. Physically, we may pack lots of things into our day, but it doesn’t mean that we’re mentally there or that the appropriate mood follows. Yes, you managed to floor it up to the shops after the school run to grab those items that you ‘really’ needed, but you felt pretty damn stressed and grumpy about doing it. Rather than enjoying what should have been an enjoyable shopping experience, you clock-watched the whole-time because you had to be back by 11am for a work zoom. See what I mean about the mood not following….

Then, there’s social media, or perhaps it should really be called antisocial media. Instead of relaxing, resetting ourselves mentally or actually reaching out to human beings, we feel a need to spend every single spare second trawling through so-called ‘friends’, vicariously wishing our lives away…..But if we just stopped for a moment, if we slowed down and took everything in, we’d reconnect with the beauty and wonder of life itself. 


Scentered Mantra: Stop.Inhale.Reset

Who are you kidding? I can already hear you saying it. I work, have kids, and need (yes need) a social life. Take a break? Slow Down? You’ve got to be joking. How could I possibly fit that in?

The thing is that we all need a break sometimes to reset mentally. Doing this helps you in so many ways to get the most out of life, perform better, sleep better, and reconnect with yourself. We’ve always thought that a break, in the traditional sense, needs to be a long period of time, but in actual fact, that’s not the case. It’s quite possible to mentally reset within 2 minutes with our mini meditation ritual of Stop.Inhale.Reset.

Begin by deciding how you’d like to feel and choose the appropriate Scentered Aromatherapy Balm. Feeling down or needing a bit of an uplift?  HAPPY is the one. Super stressful day whilst juggling lots of balls? Opt for DE STRESS. Important work meeting or an exam coming up? FOCUS will clear your mind. Time for some me-time? Then it has to be ESCAPE. Feeling emotional, hormonal or in need of a hug? LOVE is always on hand to support you. Want a restful, restorative night of sleep? Award-winning SLEEP WELL will help you get there.

Apply your aromatherapy balm to your wrists, neck, and temples. Eyes can be open or closed, but it does feel quite nice to keep them closed. Bring your wrists up together to your nose and breathe the scent in slowly and deeply, right to the bottom of your lungs (counting to three). Then exhale slowly to the count of three. Repeat this twice more. That’s all there is to it. So simple!

 mental reset

2 Minute Mental Reset: The Science

You’ll be amazed how speedily the inhalation of an aromatherapy scent helps you to transition into your desired mindset. So how does it work that quickly?

Fortunately, molecules within essential oils travel very rapidly from the olfactory nerves that are located in the nasal cavity, directly to the brain. When they arrive, they impact the emotional centre of the brain called the Limbic System. It’s an extremely important system that plays a role in controlling several physiological functions, including breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. So when we inhale a calming, soothing essential oil blend, it helps us to slow down our rate of breathing and affect the other indicators. 

Not only that but the Limbic System is also linked to memories, nostalgia, emotions, and mood. That’s why you might smell something, and it instantly makes you feel happier, because it reminds you of a beloved relative who always wore that scent. There’s also evidence that we can reinforce our associations with certain scents. That’s why the daily ritual of Stop.Inhale.Reset is so important. By regularly utilising a scent at certain times of the day, when you want a specific mood or mindset, you’re positively reinforcing that association. Over time, you’ll find that you can ease into the desired mindset much more quickly when you perform your Stop.Inhale.Reset ritual. Now who would have thought that such a simple daily ritual could have such a huge impact and enrich your life!

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