Achieve your perfect flow

Achieve your perfect flow-Scentered

Flow, for those not in the know, is when we are totally absorbed in the task in hand, our creativity soars and better, smarter work happens.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the positive psychologist, and architect of the notion of Flow says

"creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives which is a very good reason as to why our Flow should be nurtured. Flow definitely paves the way to happiness."



Turn this on its head and it follows that to be our best at work we have to achieve good Flow in our downtime too. We need to care for our tools, our brains, and our bodies so that we can recover and refresh better. Make this a priority, plan it into your day and then, from a good place of wellbeing, you will truly enjoy the company of friends, family, the great outdoors, beautiful art, uplifting music and the escapism of a good read. Self-love undoubtedly begins with self-care. The more love you have for yourself, the more love you have to give.

So here is a step by step guide on finding your flow

1. Make it simple - pick your task

To enter your flow your tasks need to be something engaging that doesn't send you into autopilot. If everything is simple it's a sign that you need to challenge yourself a little bit more to engage your flow.

2. Adapt new skills for your task

So you've done step 1. Now you need to uncover the skills you'll need to complete it. This opens a wonderful opportunity to learn new techniques and strategies to adapt to unknown. Once you start to develop these skills you will begin to step into your zone. You want to find a balance between challenging but not impossible at that moment.


3. Have an aim and set your goals.

Having a finish line is a necessity for finding your flow. Without goals, your flow can become too scattered and inefficient. Finding your end goal will help you keep track of your productivity and help you improve on yourself in the future.

It is also more gratifying when you reach the end. 

4. Find your space and get rid of distractions.

Another significant part of finding your flow is not letting it be broken. In this day and age, electronics can play a part in breaking your flow because you are constantly connected. It can be like reading a book, it takes a while with no distractions to get into it - It is that same level of concentration. 
It's also important to be comfortable. It's hard to concentrate when your chair is giving you a backache, or your eyes are straining too hard. 

5. Give yourself the time.

Be mindful. Be conscious about what actions you are making. Think about why you are doing something. Finding your flow means being centered at that moment, and giving it your best potential. Enjoy your progress and be grateful for all your improvement and achievements.


The more you practice finding your flow the quicker it will come.


We create therapy balms and candles that help you create habit through our incredible ability to recall the smell and associate actions with it. 

To make the habit of getting into your flow easier, we recommend you attach this action to on of our balms or candles.

You can choose any balm you want as essential oils are subject to our personal preference but for studying I recommend the 

FOCUS BALM the main essential oils in this balm are;

Rosemary – used for millennia to increase alertness and boost memory

Mint – stimulates mental activity and increases focus on cognitive tasks

Clary Sage – relieves mental fatigue and promotes mental clarity. 


and the 


DE-STRESS CANDLE the main essential oils in this balm are;

Chamomile – instantly calms nerves

Neroli – uplifting and relaxing

Mandarin – soothes the nervous system


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