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Scentered Affiliate Program

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Who is Scentered?

Scentered is a lifestyle brand who helps men and women, balance the demands of a busy lifestyle in today’s hectic, fast-paced world. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, leaving little time for self-care. Scentered invites you to find a moment for yourself each day using our portable aromatherapy balms and therapy candles, each blended with therapeutic grade, mood-boosting essential oils. 

Our Therapy Balms and candles are 100% natural and contain up to 14 essential oils in each balm and up to 25 essential oils in each candle. This means, our candles smell amazing!

We offer six different fragrances, broken down into six different I want to feel fragrances.

- Be-happy

- Escape

- Love  

- De-stress

- Sleep Well

- Focus

How do I join?

The Scentered affiliate program resides on GoAffpro – Sign up HERE