Why Is Friendship Important As We Get Older?

Two friends walking together on a beach

Loneliness does not discriminate regardless of how old you are or how many people you have in your life.

The phrase ’you can be lonely in a crowded room, surrounded by people,’ unfortunately resonates with a lot of people.

That is why focusing on the people in your life is so important or looking outside of your circle and connecting with new people and forge lasting friendships that enhance your life.

Friendships can help you to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Sometimes we all need a reminder of this and our love collection was created for when you want to feel connected with others physically or emotionally.


How To Make Friends In Your 30s?

Making friends as you get older can not only seem daunting but also challenging. When you are a child, you are surrounded by peers of similar ages and stages in life and you are forced in the same proximity for a long period of time. As you get older, the only similar experience remotely close to this is work but you could be working with people of varying ages and backgrounds.

Also, the landscape of work has drastically changed in recent years with a lot of people working from home, this leaves few opportunities for connecting and meeting new people so now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.


Take Yourself On A Coffee Date

Start small if you are daunted or nervous, go to a coffee shop by yourself and get to know the employees, over time you feel more comfortable and confident in this environment and maybe you’ll notice people just like yourself. Smile at them and start some small talk, you never know you both may both be obsessed with the Taylor Swift album or the latest book that has just come out. It all can start with open body language and a smile.


Try Something New

Get a hobby! This is a great way to meet people and learn something new at the same time. You can laugh with people and it’s not forced, you are all in the same boat. Then after class, ask if they want to grab a coffee or some food.


How To Connect With Others

Having strong connections and shared experiences with people is what makes us all human. It is literally the most important and vital thing to keep you happy, mentally healthy, and ultimately it can give you a sense of purpose and belonging.

Without friends and people who care about you, you can feel isolated from the world. As you get older, you may feel that this is happening and loneliness in your 30s/40s/50s can make you feel completely alone and depressed.

But there are ways to connect with others and to make your life feel full and happy.

You can start by calling up an old friend or sending a text message, it lets people know that you are thinking of them and sometimes that’s all it takes.

You don’t have to be in each other’s lives 24/7 to know that you love and care for one another, it’s finding small ways to make people smile.

Smile at strangers, strike up a conversation at the bus stop or train station. Be open and you will be surprised how people respond, this will help you to connect with old friends but also new people.


How To Make Meaningful Relationships

The key to meaningful and lasting relationships is communication and humour. The two fit together and make the perfect formula for amazing friendships and partnerships.

But the key is to let people know how you feel about them, this could be through something small like sending a funny TikTok or video that reminds you of them.

The balm and candle set is an amazing way to feel connected even if you are miles apart. Gift one to yourself and your long-distance bestie and every time you light the candle or use the balm you will be reminded of them.


Don’t Forget About Yourself

Love and friendship start from within, this will help you build the most meaningful and strong bonds with others. But you need to love yourself first, then you will know how to love and connect with others.

Take some time out for yourself and practice self-care, reconnect with who you are. Use our self-care set to help you rebalance and reconnect emotionally, for times when you need soothing self-care, it’s like a hug you give to yourself.

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