10 Mindfulness Activities For Kids During The Summer Holidays

Mom and son sitting on a couch reading and smiling

Keeping your kids engaged and mindful during summer can be a challenge. Especially with digital devices occupying most of their time on an already busy schedule, which can make finding peaceful moments difficult. 

Still, it's essential not to waste this opportunity when they have this free time, to be more mindful and help your children to connect and grow.

Here are ten mindful activities for your kids during the summer holidays:

1) Mindful Reading 

Engaging your kids in reading is a great way to stimulate them and get them excited about new topics. It's also an excellent opportunity to help them be more mindful of their emotions and feelings and even learn how to express them better. 

The next time you read a story to your children, take some time to discuss the characters' emotions in the book. Sometimes it is simpler to talk about fictitious characters with kids to help them understand and navigate their own emotions. 

2) Mindful Crafts 

Get creative with them! Try building things around the house, whether that is lego toys or simply helping you with the various DIY projects over the summer.

This is a great way to engage your kid's creativity and get them using their hands, as well as learning new skills. 

It will help them develop their skills and confidence. 

3) Why Not Sign Them Up To A Sports Club?

Being a member of a sports club is not only an excellent way for your kid to burn off energy and keep fit, but it's a great way to improve their leadership and communication skills. 

It also can help them to be more mindful about working with others. This will help them build valuable life skills that translate into other areas of life. 

4) Help Them To Expand Their Talents And Learn An Instrument

Picking up a new instrument for your kids is a great way to keep them learning and build lasting habits. 

Learning to play a new instrument requires a lot of attention and time and helps to  develop their brain. 

It can help teach them to be more disciplined and patient, which are both needed to become skilled within their chosen instrument.

5) Welcome Boredom! Is Being Bored Really That Bad?

Boredom isn't always bad, and sometimes it's helpful to acknowledge it. Being bored happens to everyone, and it often happens to kids who find themselves without anything to do. 

Teaching your kid that it's a great opportunity to reflect, slow down and think about what they've achieved and where they want to go is a good mindful exercise. 

Help them through this process, you can light a Scentered candle, and take a moment with them to breathe and reflect.

6) Get Them Outside To Spend Time In Nature

It's easier than ever for your kid to get caught up in all the stimulation technology brings and to spend hours consuming content and video games on a screen. 

Help your kids reconnect with nature this summer holiday by spending more time in parks, this  will boost their mood and help promote a calmer, happier environment. 

You can even bring the natural senses back into your home with scented candles and essential oils. This  is a great way to make the home feel more connected with nature and can aid in stimulating your kid's brain,  promoting a more relaxed environment for them to thrive in. 

7) If You Can, Why Not Hope On A Plane Or Jump In The Car And Travel Somewhere?

Taking your kids away on holiday with you can be a great way for them to explore what's outside their hometown. 

It allows them to experience different cultures, become more connected with others, and accept different beliefs. 

This can help them to become mindful of how other people live their life and e foods. 

8) Help Them Learn The Art Of Selflessness And Volunteer 

Volunteering at a local charity is a marvellous thing for you and your kid to do. It teaches them the value of giving back to people less fortunate than you and allows them to be more mindful of their privileges in life. This will make them more centred and caring, as well as learning to treat others with more empathy.


9) Visit A Farm

In today's world, it's easy for us to get disconnected from where our food comes from. It's easy to turn a blind eye and consume different foods without really understanding what goes into bringing them to your table. 

Taking your kids to a farm or a farm experience is an excellent way to see first-hand how food is produced and spend time with animals. 

10) Discover History with Free Museums

History can often seem tedious, especially when the only time the kids learn about it is from their history classes. 

However, it can be an exciting day out with some fascinating free museums. Often, these museums are set up for kids and have lots of interactive learning experiences, allowing your kids to be more mindful of the history of our world. 

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