Which Scents Are The Best For Reducing Stress, Relaxing And Unwinding?

Which Scents Are The Best For Reducing Stress, Relaxing And Unwinding?

During busy periods we have to take any chance we get to have a moment to relax, but switching off is not always that easy, but with the help of some essential oil scents you can begin to unwind a lot more effectively. 

That's because some scents have the ability to soothe, whilst others have the ability to invigorate. This is all thanks to our olfactory sense. As scents are inhaled and it stimulates the part of your brain connected to memory and mood.

One of the most effective Essential oils is Ylang Ylang. It has previously been found to promote calmness and anger-induced stress. Making it a very good choice for anyone looking to unwind at the end of their day that enjoys a more fruity, and fresh smell.

Lavender is a fantastic way to unwind at night. It smells more herbal than other floral scents. It is known to reduce stress, soothe anxiety and also slows down a racing mind. There are many ways you can incorporate lavender in your evening, you could try a lavender Candle, Balm or oil in a long relaxing bath.

If you’d like to calm your nerves and ease into ‘Stay Scentered’ Chamomile is a fantastic way to go. Chamomile is one of the oldest and most-studied medicinal herbs, dating back thousands of years it smells sweet, apple-like, and herbaceous. It contains myrcene, a monoterpene believed to help ease anxiety. You can enjoy chamomile as an oil but also as a hot tea.

Neroli is a great stress reliever if you prefer a more sweet, floral and citrus scent as it comes from a bitter orange tree. It helps to alleviate your stress and relax your muscles and nervous systems.

For a more minty, and fresh scentPeppermint has been known to increase alertness, which can be great if the day left you feeling a bit groggy. It can be a great stimulator for anyone looking for a pick-me-up but nothing that could keep you awake at night like coffee.

For a more grounding smell, Rosemary has a very wooden and pine scent. It’s known that Rosemary has the ability to reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone.  

For those that associate Rosemary too much with cooking maybe Sandalwood could also be a good earthy and rich scent to help you find your balance after a long day. Sandalwood is known to have sedative effects, which can also you get a goodnight sleep by upping your around of non-REM sleep. Non-rem sleep is the first stage of sleep before your muscles relax even further.

For a more exotic scent that can really transport you to ‘me time’ try some Frankincense. It promotes inner peace and reduces the feeling of stress and can also help alleviate headaches.

If you’re not sure how to start using aromatherapy to unwind there are 3 ways that make the perfect relaxing combo with your chosen scent.

The easiest way that requires very little from you, is simply to inhale….. and exhale…. This can be carried out in many ways, from adding a few drops to your pillow, applying diluted essential oils directly to your pulse points and take in deep breathes.

An oil massage is a great way to loosen any tension you have in muscles, whilst also enjoying the comforting scents. You simply massage your skin with a small amount of your chosen oil (mixed with a carrier oil if you are buying undiluted essential oil).

Taking a hot bath is also a great way to soak in the benefits whilst relaxing your mind and muscle tension. Simply run your bath and drop in your favourite scents and let them work their magic.

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