Which essential oils are good for Reiki?


What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an amazingly effective natural way to improve your health both physically and mentally. One of the best ways to complement Reiki practice is with essential oils. Reiki works on the energy centers of your body such as the chakras, meridian channels, and the aura surrounding our body.

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How does aromatherapy work in connection to reiki healing?

Essential oils through aromatherapy are a standalone effective practice in themselves, combining both can be a powerful and out of this world experience. When we absorb different smells, they take an immediate effect, our noses have evolved through millions of years of evolution to warn us or indicate to us if something is safe. 

When we smell something and it makes us keep away, that repelling reaction is no accident, it's nature's way of keeping us safe. When we smell something that makes us feel sick or repels us, the chances are it's toxic and if ingested could make us ill, so our body reacts in a physical way by making us keep away.

The body also knows when a smell is pleasant this creates endorphins that make us feel good, so when we smell something nice like Lavender it hits our sensory glands activating the limbic system informing it that this is safe and pleasurable, which in turn gives us a physical reaction of serenity and relaxation.

It's easy to forget and just think a smell is a smell, for no reason. Well, there is a reason it creates an emotional sensation to cause a physical reaction.

The best essential oils or using in Reiki

  1. Frankincense. At one time in the distant past this essential oil was regarded more valuable than gold, it was hard to come by and was expensive. It is regarded as an enormously powerful aromatherapy oil. It has strong constituents and is normally used on clients who have serious health problems.
  2. Lavender. This oil promotes calmness and encourages a state of relaxation, Lavender helps the mind to be quiet and become tranquil. Chronic stress is the biggest cause of health problems in the world and should truth be known as a major cause of premature death.
  3. Lemon. This is known as a cleanser not just on a physical level but also on a mental level.  It can clean away any thoughts of negativity and promotes clarity of thought, if you are in a confused state about life in general then Lemon can make decision making processes easier for you, giving you a clear train of thought. Many Reiki practitioners use lemon to cleanse the room between clients visiting between treatments.
  4. Helichrysum. This essential oil will make uncovering past painful events easier, and making you feel safe to acknowledge them and wipe away the fear of remembering painful emotions from the past. Use this essential oil to work through difficult emotions, trauma, that are buried deep into the subconscious from past events.
  5. Bergamot. Is used to calm the mind and help with anxiety. It has a light citrus scent, it is also known to elevate mood and relieve stress, it can be used as a mild antiseptic and nasal decongestant when inhaled.

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