What makes Scentered candles different?

Scentered aromatherapy candles

Scentered treatment candles are the result of a two-year labour of love. We wanted to perfect our 100% natural, high performance, plant-based wax, in which to carry our pure essential oil blends. This allowed us to avoid using toxic paraffin wax or any of the boosters, binders or other synthetic ingredients typically used within the candle manufacturing industry.

Our candles offer a beautifully clean, natural burn that is non-toxic and without soot or smoke, allowing you to re-light your candle over and over again. This also means that transporting your candles when travelling, is mess free.

Our custom, plant-based wax blend is made from renewable, sustainable and biodegradable sources, and includes a small amount of beeswax which also has the benefit of emitting negative ions that clean and purify the air at the same time.

Did you wonder why our candles smelt so good? That's because our candles contain the maximum level of essential oils, to deliver a truly therapeutic well-being treatment in the comfort of your own home, filling the room with our mood boosting fragrances to help you relax, unwind or recharge, and reset. We currently have four beautiful smelling fragrances to choose from, depending on how you feel.

If you're in need of a bit of a hug, we'd recommend lighting our Love candle. The Rose, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli, create a beautiful calming scent, allowing you to unwind and reflect.

For those who need some help de-stressing from the challenges of everyday life, take a moment to light your De-stress candle. This feel-good scent of Chamomile, Neroli and mandarin, will leave you feeling uplifted and ready to continue with your day.

Fill your room with joy and positivity by lighting your BE HAPPY candle on days when you're feeling less than your best and need an extra lift. A natural way to brighten your day no matter what the season is.

On days where you can't think of anything better than escaping and dreaming of a different location, light your Escape candle. The rich fragrance of Sandalwood, Oud and Frankincense, will boost your mood and help you to re-charge your batteries. We love lighting this candle during yoga, to really allow the mind to relax and escape everyday tensions.

When lighting your candle, follow the Scentered ritual to stop and take a moment for yourself.

and light your candle
your mood

Repeat your new ritual as desired. 
Find out more about the Scentered ritual here.
Love Scentered x



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