Traveling over the holidays? How aromatherapy can help anxiety and nerves

aromatherapy for anxiety travelling

The holidays can be a wonderful time of year to spend with your family, friends and find time to relax, however sometimes you need to travel to get home or away from work. When it comes to travelling for the holidays, the anxiety of flying or commuting can take it out of you. The queues, busy routes and even the transport itself can be stressful and daunting. Scentered have created the perfect solution with portable aromatherapy you can take with you to help keep anxiety and nerves at bay so you can enjoy this time of year, even when you must travel! Find the right aromatherapy balm or candle for you and help your travel anxiety fade away.


How to Combat Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is a common occurrence for many people, particularly leading up and during the holidays. Sometimes flying can make you feel nervous and uncomfortable, but aromatherapy scents can help you find mindfulness during and after your journey. Reduce your travel anxiety with our DE-STRESS aromatherapy balm. If you are a nervous flyer, our DE-STRESS balm will help you to stay calm and relaxed. DE-STRESS is ideal for managing your travel anxiety and to help keep your nerves during your flight. Experience mindful blends of essential oils that won’t leak in your carry-on or cause any unnecessary mess and added stress to your journey. You can enjoy the benefits of our DE-STRESS aromatherapy by directly applying the balm to your wrist, neck and temples. Inhale deeply and with purpose to feel relaxed and reset your mind, helping to calm any travel anxiety. The stresses of flying will fade away and you will be able to help find mindfulness through scent.  


Aromatherapy for Nervous Flyers

Not all aromatherapy has to be greasy or oily and just something you use at home. Scentered’s leak-proof and portable aromatherapy balms are ideal to fit in your travel bag. Our balms offer you on the go aromatherapy for flying, travelling and help calm your nerves. Feel uplifted and positive using our HAPPY aromatherapy balm. Our Happy aromatherapy is available in a balm and candle travel set which is ideal for helping you find positivity and feel happier during your travels and once you arrive. Experience an invigorating blend of citrus and mint which delivers an instant burst of gratitude and positivity, ideal for some of the stresses and discomfort during travel. There’s no need to worry about our 100% natural and essential oil based aromatherapy spilling in your travel bag or during your flight with mess-free balms in brilliantly designed portable containers. Enjoy your portable aromatherapy balm and bring yourself back home for the holidays with natural and pure fragrances which transport you to a more mindful state.


Portable aromatherapy Balm

Scentered offer a range of aromatherapy balms for on the go, including gift sets for the holiday season. Find the perfect aromatherapy and wellbeing balm or candle for you or as a gift with a variety of Wellbeing Rituals to discover offering a new kind of flexible and personalised aromatherapy. Follow Scentered’s ‘stop, inhale and reset’ wellbeing ritual with your choice of portable aromatherapy balm to experience mindfulness during all points of the day and the holiday season.

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