How aromatherapy can support new mums

How aromatherapy can support new mums

If you’re a new mum first of all congratulations! We hope you have an amazing journey getting to know your new little one, but we also know that being a new mum can be tough at times. So we created a list of the best essential oils to support you during this wonderful time. 

We thought the best way to help narrow down the best essential oils for you is to narrow down the main hurdles you come across in the early stages of motherhood. 


One of the most common struggles is fatigue. People don’t quite grasp how exhausting being a new parent can be. Some of the best Essential oils that are the best to awake your senses are the citrus family of oils, such as lemon myrtle, and mandarin etc. They have all been shown to not only energise, but also positively boost your mood, and help reduce stress. 

If you’re having to wake up at odd hours, you could kick start your mornings with a few drops in a diffuser, or candle to help focus your mind. 

Being a new parent comes with a lot of new responsibility, it’s a whole little life you’re nurturing and caring for, and there will be times when you can worry if you’re doing everything right. This can bring on some anxious feelings, so we picked the perfect essential oils to help you relax. 

Chamomile is great for those who want a natural aid to relax. It has been known to help with anxiety, depression and insomnia. Rose is also beneficial to help you take a moment to 


We all have some doubts on whether we are making the best choices when looking after our wellbeing, so looking after a whole new little life can sometimes be a bit daunting. 

Aromatherapy has been used throughout time for helping people soothe tension and ease the mind. So there are many different essential oils that you can choose from, you can even pick your favourite based on your favourite type of smell. 

If you prefer a more herbal smell Lavender a great option. It has been known to reduce stress, soothe anxiety and also slows down a racing mind. If you have the time a warm bath could be a great way to incorporate lavender, but if you’re more pressed for time, our SLEEP WELL Aromatherapy Balm can be your new best support tool.

For a more sweet, citrus and floral scent, Neroli is your choice. It’s known not only to soothe you but also helps relax your muscles and nervous system. Because of its beautiful scent, you can find Neroli in body creams that can pair perfectly with a brisk refreshing shower.

Rosemary is also a very grounding smell, with wooden and pine undertones. It’s known that Rosemary can reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone. 


Keeping as busy as you are for long periods can run down our energy levels, and if you prefer something a little more natural than coffee to avoid the jitters there is also a great variety for you to pick.

Peppermint has been known to stimulate alertness, which is ideal if you want to shake off the groggy feeling at the end of the day. 

If you have to focus your mind, Rosemary has been shown to increase the brain wave activity and the autonomic nervous system. It has also been known to help improve your memory, which can be more than helpful when you have to remember all the new things that come with motherhood. 

Immunity Support

Breastfeeding can sometimes prevent you from having certain medicine, so to help you feel better and boost your immune system, or even help keep any unwanted colds at bay, these are the best essential oils that can support you.

The lemon essential oil has powerful antibacterial and it’s also an antioxidant, which can be a great help to your immune system. Additionally, it’s an energizing oil, helping to boost your mood and make you feel refreshed and energized as well. Something to note before you use Lemon essential oil is that its a phototoxic essential oil, so it should only be used on the skin in very low dilutions and never directly before sun exposure or I can cause burns.


Sleep... for those of you have that forgotten the word we want to help. Sleep can be one of the first aspects of your wellbeing that’s hit first. Newborn babies aren’t always that interested in sleeping schedules so we try to get sleep whenever we can, which why essential oils are great for helping us drift to sleep at perhaps uneven times.

Chamomile is known for promoting relaxation and an effective natural sedative. It’s has been used for many years as a brilliant tea to warm you up before you drift into the best deep sleep.

Bergamot like Chamomile has sedative qualities too. It’s can be used to get your mind and body ready to go to sleep. Although, like Lemon Essential Oil is also a phototoxic essential oil, so it should only be used on the skin in very low dilutions and never directly before sun exposure or I can cause burns.

Essential oils can be the most fantastic and supportive tool at this time of your life, particularly if you’re trying to keep to natural solutions, although please note that children can be very sensitive to essential oils so it’s best to avoid using essential oils on babies unless the product has been specifically created to do so.

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