We are constantly told to brave the new and do things you wouldn't normally do to grow in character and experience, but it's always a lot easier saying it than doing it because we are all naturally rather habitual creatures and steering beyond can be a mission.

However, there are a lot of neat little positives when you do break free and with more information and education on why and how to make little adjustments to start, you will be well on your way to new exciting beginnings. 

What is the 'comfort zone' we all cling onto?

Well, a comfort zone is your typical routine, it's your everyday known, with little risk of any daunting surprise that could catch you off guard and ultimately leaves less room for worrying and any anxious feelings.

Now before we get into why its good to get out of your comfort zone from time to time, it's important to know that your comfort zone isn't a bad thing. Everyone should have space and routine they feel 'safe' in, if we didn't we wouldn't be able to reap the benefits of leaving it.

What are the benefits of starting to edge out of your comfort zone?


  • Once you get used to stepping in and out of your comfort zone the experience you gain cultivates your ability to think quick, and you learn to handle the unexpected and challenge your problem-solving skills.

  • You're creating a habit out of it. There is a boundary between excited and nervous and intense anxiety, the more you venture into the unknown the more you learn to control situations and harness your emotions into a positive drive as opposed to a hindrance. 

  • Have you heard the saying
    diamonds are made under pressure? 

    It's a very good metaphor to compare this scenario. When you do the same thing and it becomes easy, you tend to go into autopilot, but when we take on new challenges it forces us to work harder, and possibly think outside the box opening the door to your creativity.

     How to break out of your comfort zone in a not so daunting manor

    • Take baby steps in your day to day. Try a new workout, go somewhere different for lunch.. try a new route home. Open up to small changes and bigger changes will follow. Even if your something new doesn't go as planned embrace it. Every mistake can be a lesson with the right perspective. 
    • Give yourself time. Rushing into things doesn't always equate to brave and exciting. Take your time to observe and take away unnecessary stress by understanding your decision. It's not about explosive decisions but creative ones.
    • Give yourself the faith you deserve. Contrary to the point above sometimes even taking the time to plan doesn't give you all the answer. Allow yourself to trust your instincts and take a leap of faith for yourself, sometimes it's more important to get the ball rolling, even if it doesn't go in the exact direction you wanted to start with. 

    What we want you to take from this isn't as drastic as convincing yourself you must move continent to step out your comfort zone, but learn that new skill or take up that hobby you keep postponing because you're worried you might not be amazing from the get-go. Or learn to talk to new people and network with someone that inspires and motivates you. You could even just try new food. New experiences can open doors to a new found source of happiness, or lessons you would never have learned without pushing yourself to go further. 

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