4 Ways Aromatherapy Can Help You Day To Day as a Parent

4 Ways Aromatherapy Can Help You Day To Day as a Parent

If you aren’t new to the world of aromatherapy then, you probably already know the countless benefits that come with using balms, oils and scented candles around your home. But did you know that the benefits don’t stop with us adults? Scent is a powerful tool for everyone - including our children. Implementing aromatherapy into your regular routine is a safe and natural way to also help your children feel more calm and focused throughout their days. In this article, we will be looking at our top four ways in which aromatherapy can help you day-to-day as a parent. 

1. Bath and Shower Time!

After a long day at school, having a bath or shower should be a relaxing activity which helps your children destress and calm down. Running a nice, warm bath can signal to your child that it’s the start of their bedtime or evening routine and now is the time to begin to settle down. This can be made so much easier by adding products like our SLEEP WELL Wellbeing Ritual Oil for Body, Bath & Shower to the mix. Made to destress the body and quieten the mind, this deeply relaxing and nourishing multi purpose oil is ideal to help your children wind down before going to bed. 

We recommend pouring a small amount of the oil into a warm bath which will allow the essential oils to envelope you with a calming aromatherapy blend. Then, simply have your children lie back and breathe deeply. If your children are slightly younger, you could also put it in one of their palms and have them raise their hands to their nose and inhale deeply from there. 

 2. To Relieve School Anxiety Or Stress

Going to school can bring up feelings of anxiety, stress and uneasiness. It’s important to talk about these feelings with your children and find helpful ways to combat them. Whilst also reassuring them that these are completely normal ways to feel, you could also try using the DE-STRESS Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm.  Promoting relaxation, calmness and relief from stress, balms are the ideal solution if your child is regularly feeling anxiety, nervousness, worry, jitters or regularly experiencing uneasiness or restlessness.

Aromatherapy balms can be placed on your child’s wrists, the back of their neck and temples, before and after school. If before school is when your child begins to feel more panicked, it’s simple to apply and won’t leave any mess in your bag if you are having to put it on right before entering the school gates. Or, if it’s after school, you can simply apply it in your own home before bed.

3.To Focus On Homework 

But the use of aromatherapy balms doesn't stop there. As well as stress, aromatherapy balms can be used for focus. Getting your children to sit down and complete their homework can be a difficult and frankly, daunting task. Some kids can put up quite a fight, complaining about how long it will take and how much they don’t want to dedicate time to doing it. This can result in rushed or even incomplete homework for the week. However, balms such as our FOCUS Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm promote a sense of concentration.  With an invigorating blend that will help direct your mind and boost, you can use it throughout the day whenever you need to refocus your efforts to accomplish the goals and tasks on your to-do list. It also works great on your children too and you may find that after you apply it, they will become more focused on the work they have to complete.

4.Getting Ready For Bed

Winding down after a long day and ensuring that you’ve created a welcoming and calm space for your children to settle down in can be one of the biggest tasks of the day. After school, you may find that your children can seem bouncing off the walls, excited to get home and carry on their day.

However, as a parent, coming back home signals vital time that we need to relax. When you are making dinner, why not try lighting our SLEEP WELL Home Aromatherapy Candle? Promoting a sense of calm, which will have you feeling completely relaxed, after dinner you may find that your children are starting to get slightly sleepier and transferring them to their own bed for the night might be a more simple task.

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