3 Relaxing Benefits of Chamomile You Need to Know

3 Relaxing Benefits of Chamomile You Need to Know

Many people swear by the health benefits that drinking chamomile regularly can bring, but what about the relaxing elements? Drinking chamomile tea can relieve stress, anxiety and even help you fall asleep at night. It’s natural properties can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, as it will help you drift into a full, uninterrupted night of sleep. In this article, we will be breaking down what chamomile is, what it tastes like and why it has become so popular when it comes to improving your health. 

What is Chamomile? 

Chamomile is a type of plant, which is similar in looks to a daily. Typically, this plant comes in two species, Marticaria recutita and Anthemis nobilis, which are both commonly used to make beverages, such as chamomile tea. 

Over the years, chamomile has been used for many things such as reducing inflammation, treating cold symptoms and even slowing down osteoporosis. Chamomile is considered a safe plant by many and has become an increasingly popular way to improve people’s health over the years.

What Does Chamomile Taste Like?

If you are thinking about adding chamomile to your daily tea-drinking routine, then you may be wondering what it tastes like. As chamomile is a plant, you can expect a delicate floral herbal tea, which has gentle notes of apple with a fresh and clean finishing taste. One thing to note is that it has a mellow, honey-like smell, which only adds the natural sweetness of the drink. If you add a spoonful of honey to your chamomile tea, then this beverage is ideal if you have a cold or suffer from the stuffiness of allergies on a regular basis. 


What Does Chamomile Smell Like?

If you are looking to use chamomile as a relaxation or distress aid, then you may find it in an aromatherapy balm. Similar to the taste, you can expect a sweet and fresh scent which is reminiscent of the tea form. You will get the added apple-y scent which comes with steam-distilled chamomile, but you will also have a sweely smoky scent as the base note. 


Reducing Menstrual Pain

The plant, Chamomile, has had many studies over the years which show it’s benefits and how it can help you in your day-to-day life. The use of chamomile is thought to ease menstrual cramps or pains which many women suffer with on a monthly basis. For some, periods can be extremely painful, so finding a natural and healthy way to be able to reduce this uncomfortable experience can be vital. Chamomile tea possesses antispasmodic properties, which means that it can aid in smooth muscle contractions in the GI tract. This can be beneficial when it comes to relieving painful cramps associated with the menstrual periods. In addition, as chamomile can help decrease feelings of anxiety and stress, this can also heavily impact period pain, lessening it massively. 

Lowering Blood Sugar

Another plus of drinking chamomile tea is that it has the potential to lower your blood sugar. Chamomile is packed full of anti-inflammatory properties which can in turn, prevent damage to the cells of your pancreas. Typically, your pancreas can be at risk if your blood sugar levels are chronically elevated for a long period of time. By adding a cup of chamomile tea to your daily intake, you could prevent this from happening. 

As well as this, if you have diabetes and regularly suffer from your blood sugar being too high, then chamomile could also be a useful addition to your day-to-day routine. Chamomile tea could help with such diabetic complications such as loss of vision, nerve damage or even kidney damage.

Sleep and Relaxation

Probably the most popular and well known use for chamomile is drinking it in tea form to help promote relaxation and aid you in getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep. The plant itself is often utilized for its sedative effects, as it contains an antioxidant better known as apigenin. Apigenin can make your muscles relax, which in turn, can help you fall asleep much easier and faster. Chamomile can also be used in relaxation balms such as our SLEEP WELL Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Balm, which you can put on before going to bed at night. With the added ingredient of chamomile, this product is the ideal Sleep Aid if you suffer from poor sleep, jet lag, night anxiety or regularly experience broken sleep patterns.

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