Love yourself first

Lucille Bell
“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”
Lucille Ball

Crazy, beautiful, loveable, funny woman Lucille Ball knew what she was talking about. She spoke from experience - one of her many achievements was as first female CEO of a major production company.  A little self-love can go a very long way. There is no harm in giving it a go - your confidence will rise, you definitely won’t be so critical of yourself, you will be more motivated and probably much happier. 
Join us during the most romantic month of the year, in celebrating love from within this February. Valentine's day doesn't have to be the only reason we celebrate love and more importantly, why can't this kind of love be a feeling we feel ourselves, as self-love.

To celebrate self-love, we'll be applying our Love therapy balm to beat the blues and lift the spirits. This 100% natural fragrance balm is made from therapeutic grade essential oils and botanicals chosen for their proven aromatherapy based wellbeing benefits and fine fragrances. Our LOVE  therapy balm fragrance includes Rose to balance the emotions, soothing Patchouli and grounding Cedarwood to promote feelings of harmony, peace and, of course, lots of love.

Our love fragrance is also available in a travel and home candle. Perfect for when you're in need of a bit of self-love at home, or away. Or for a special gift this valentines day, choose our Love Bauble, containing our larger love balm, beautifully presented in a pink bauble.

Give yourself some #selflove this February

With Love Scentered x
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