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With our busy schedules and the demands that come with our modern lives, we're often left feeling a little burnt out. We find ourselves feeling less energised, unmotivated and not enjoying life for what it should be. We dwell on the lows, miss the highs and we often struggle to find a balance between pleasing others and taking time for ourselves.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to stop and take a breath.


Thankfully there are some fantastic individuals out there who are standing up and making a pretty big deal about just that. One of those incredible individuals, is inspirational speaker, Scentered brand companion and author Jody Shield.  

After recently launching her book 'LifeTonic', Jody has been supporting Scentered, to share her modern take on healing and guidance for becoming a better you. Fay Pottinger - Scentered's co-founder, had the pleasure of meeting with Jody to discuss how she started her healing journey and what she does to stay centered.

We're also thrilled to be able to offer our #ScenteredSoulMates an exclusive free meditation session from Jody Shield. This brand new, relaxing meditation, will leave you feeling calmer, allow you to focus on your breathing and most importantly, give yourself some me time.

For those that are new to meditation, this is the perfect introduction to the powerful tool that you can use, when you need to feel you again.

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Enjoy x

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