Relaxation is not something you book into your diary for a week next Tuesday. It sounds like something achieved either via a week on a hot sunny beach or through several treatments at an expensive spa - but in reality, we should all relax every day. How else will we get that elusive eight hours of sleep every night?

Relaxation can seem a long way off when we’re two hours later for bed than we had originally intended because of a late-running meeting coinciding with a school project due in the morning that was first mentioned at 8pm. When you’ve been running around, chasing your tail all day and finally flop down into your bed, it’s really hard to just switch off and relax. No wonder insomnia is on the rise, and with it a whole raft of stress-related complaints. And now the thought of all the illnesses you’ll get if you don’t get enough sleep, can keep you awake at night too alongside all the other things you find yourself pondering at 2am.

Wait a moment. Take a deep breath and reset. Inhale some relaxing and calming scents and remind yourself that your wellbeing is important too.