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How Does a Silk Pillowcase Protect Your Hair?

Sleeping on silk pillow cases can make for a more luxurious and beneficial night’s rest. Why should you switch out your regular pillowcases for silk ones? The benefits of silk go way beyond feeling like royalty, it can also help your skin, hair as well as a plethora of other positives. In this article, we will be talking you through all of our favourite things about switching to a silk pillowcase. 

How a Silk Pillowcase Works 

If you’re a beauty buff or even just interested in what’s best for your skin and hair, you may have heard the hype about silk pillowcases. Becoming increasingly popular, there has been a large wave of people swearing by their silk bed sheets, hair scrunchies and of course, cushion covers. Apparently, this material has been favoured by both beauty experts and dermatologists alike. Sleeping on a silk base can help you transform both your skin and hair as it reduces sweat and helps you retain moisture overnight. In addition, it can reduce friction, meaning that you are less likely to get rough patches of skin and split ends. Just by swapping out your regular cushions for silk ones, you can say goodbye to having to brush your hair after a night of sleep or rough, dry skin patches.  

How Does Silk Pillowcases Help Your Skin?

For everyone with sensitive skin, silk cushion covers are ideal for you. Silk is known for being soft and delicate material. If you’re looking for a cushion case which won’t irritate your skin, then sleeping on silk will help you with this. Irritation on your skin can cause long lasting blemishes and rough patches on the face, which can all be avoided by swapping out your normal fabric cushion covers with silk ones. 

In addition, silk pillowcases can also decrease the appearance of wrinkles. The number one cause of wrinkles is dehydration of the skin. Unlike other fabrics, silk does not pull any moisture from your skin, allowing your face to stay fresh and hydrated throughout the night. Perfect for anyone with an anti-aging goal in mind. 

How Does Silk Pillowcases Help Your Hair?

Do you get bed-head in the morning? Silk pillowcases can help you control this! Unlike cotton, silk is a tightly woven material which gives anything made from it a smoother, more even surface. This sleek exterior will reduce any friction that your hair may experience during the night. This can in turn prevent any split ends, fizziness and knots in your hair. 

Other Benefits of Switching To A Silk Pillowcase

Firstly, silk is hypoallergenic, which means that it’s great for anyone with allergies. Silk is made by silkworms which produce the protein sericin. This naturally repels any dust mites or fungus that may grow. When you sleep on cushions made from this material, you will also be protected.  

Another benefit is that silk is strong. This material is not only super soft, an additional benefit in itself, but it’s also very durable. You won’t have to be running to the shops every few months looking for cushion covers. Silk pillow cases will stand the test of time and are a great investment. 

Silk is very good at regulating temperature. If you’re currently going through the menopause and need cushion covers which are going to keep you cool throughout the night, then switching out what you are using now for some silk cases, could be a good option for you. Silk is both naturally absorbent and breathable. But silk cushion covers are also good in winter, so there is no need to change them out in the colder months. With silks folly draping texture, it's an excellent insulator and makes for the perfect layer to put against your skin in the winter.

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